Let's Colour a 3D Letter

April 27, 2020

Let's Colour a 3D Letter

Download the Instructions and Templates here:

So here we are all still in lockdown, so I thought I’d bring you some more free lettering resources for you to do. Today we’re going to be colouring in some 3D lettering. I love doing 3D lettering, making type look like it's jumping off the page, but it can be quite frustrating getting it to look right. I've put together a whole alphabet of individual 3D letters that you can colour in without having to worry about getting those shadows in the correct positions. 

So first up, click the link in the description and download the files. I’ve included a PDF document so you can print off your chosen letter. But if you don’t have a printer I have also included jpegs of all the pages so you can use it digitally on your iPad, tablet or even your phone. If you would like to do it on paper but can’t print it off, then display the jpeg of your letter on a screen like your monitor, TV or tablet and use that as a lightbox to then trace the letter on to it.

With the paper version, you can choose to colour straight onto the printout or trace it onto a different surface by covering the back of the sheet with a soft pencil or chalk and then drawing over the front so it acts like a carbon transfer sheet.

Next, grab your tools. Whether that’s paint, crayons, coloured pencils or pens. For mine, In the downloadable files, you also find a guide on how to colour your letters, where to place the main colour, outline, shades and shadows. 

Plus if you’re stuck for what colours to use, I’ve given you 6 example palettes to choose from with and without the background colour. 

So have a go, see how you get on and feel free to tag me in your posts with

@ianbarnard, I would love to see your results!


1. Getting Started


Download the files


Print off your chosen letter


Use a tablet, monitor or phone
as a lightbox to trace onto paper


2. Choose Your Method


Colour straight onto the
sheet or digital file


Cover the back of the paper with pencil
or chalk and trace onto another surface


3. Choose Your Tools









4. How to Colour Your Letter


5. How each Letter is Shaded

6. Colour Palette Inspiration

I would love to see what you create with this.
Feel free to tag me in your creation with @ianbarnard


Made your own letters using LetterBuilder


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