TexturePress - Ink Stamp Effects

Have you ever wondered how some designers produce such awesome textures that you see on dribbble and Instagram?

Well now you can with TexturePress.

Animated Gif demo: https://dribbble.com/shots/1554649-TexturePress-Demo/attachments/237789
Full video demo: http://vimeo.com/95406525

TexturePress uses Photoshop smart layers (smart objects), so all you have to do is paste your compound artwork in to the smart layer, save and you're done. This is a product that I use every day posting artwork to my instagram account and it saves me a ton of time. Check out some recent work using it:http://instagram.com/ianbarnard

What you get:
- 2 x TexturePress PSD files (3000x2000px Landscape & Portrait)
- 10 Grunge Textures (PNG 3000x2000px)
- 5 Textures by Rob Brink (PNG 3000x2000px)
- 3 PS Brushes (200px)
- Instructions
- Video links

See it in use on OpusNigrum's American Vintage Badges Screenshots: - http://crtv.mk/gbWf

- - - - - Designers already using TexturePress - - - - -

"It's SO AWESOME dude. I'm going to use the hell out of it."
Scott Biersack @youbringfire - http://www.scottbiersack.com

Hillman Ball - The Hero Collective - https://dribbble.com/shots/1544037-Nightcap
Aaron Boles - http://instagram.com/p/nq4XPpEA9S
Simon Thordal - http://instagram.com/p/oLzqPfAcJb/
Sam Palencia - http://instagram.com/p/oMi30XioYB/
Design Surplus Co. - http://instagram.com/p/nwV5lLJEtw
KLB Design - http://instagram.com/p/nt-34vln0R
Abe Zieleniec - http://instagram.com/p/n3xKb9qy5y
Jude Dias - http://instagram.com/p/nv6Ardpdqa
James Nicolas - http://instagram.com/p/oMfCquRNnS/

- Photoshop CS3 or higher.
- Text or images you place on the smart layer needs to be single color and a solid compound shape (i.e. not semi-transparent)

Please contact me for any support on this product.