Radiant Beauty - Casual Brush Font

Introducing Radiant Beauty. A font created to give an authentic hand drawn look but still keeping that readability and clarity which customers and clients love.

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Included in the Radiant Beauty set is:

1. Radiant Beauty Typeface Hand drawn with a chisel tip marker, clean up with Adobe Illustrator and tweaked in my font editor to give clear hand drawn letters. Includes opentype features for double letters. 

2. Radiant Beauty Swashes A collection of 26 different swashes to emphasise words and phrase in keeping with the main typeface. 

3. Radiant Beauty Phototshop Actions 4 x Photoshop actions that I use every week on my instagram feed to give photos that slight vintage look so that type and lettering stands out over the photo. 

Radiant Beauty comes in OTF, TTF and web font versions. 

Sans serif used is Smoothy Typeface https://www.vintagedesign.co/products/smoothy