PosterPress for Photoshop

I love vintage travel posters, especially original ones from the early 1900s, with their simplistic illustrations and art deco typefaces. Trying to recreate a poster like that takes longer than you think and many hours in Adobe Illustrator. Now you can do that quickly and easily with PosterPress.

PosterPress smart PSD (Layered Photoshop Document) is set up so you all you have to do is drop in your photo and it instantly turns it into a simplified illustration which blends over the border, has subtle paper flecks, halftones and paper folds which adds age and a folder with editable text with it's own rough texture.

I have teamed up with travel photographer Adam Barlow to bring 12 photos from around the globe to use in your very own posters. Plus I've complied a 3 page list of vintage art deco typefaces, available free and with previews and links to download them.

Video demo:

PosterPress is not an action but a layered Photoshop document, set out like this:
• Smart Object - Layer for dropping your Photo in.
• Textures folder - Change or add subtle flecks or paper folds
• Text folder - Insert the text you want here and apply rough ink to your type
• Photo folder - Settings to adjust the simplicity effect on your photo
• Background folder - Change the background color

What you get:
• PosterPress PSD - 3000px x 2000px 300dpi (Landscape, Portrait, Square)
• PosterPress PSD - 4500px x 3000px 300dpi (Landscape, Portrait)
• PosterPress PSD - US Letter Size 300dpi
• 12 Travel Photographs by Adam Barlow of Donal Design:
• 18 Textures (subtle flecks, Rough Ink, Halftone, Paper Folds)
• Instruction booklet (PDF) includes visual font list of vintage type & links to download them.

• Photoshop CS3 or above. Will NOT work in PS Elements or Coral Draw.
• Basic knowledge of Photoshop.