Dusty's Print Shop

Welcome to Dusty's Print Shop!

At Dusty's we like to go old school and do everything by hand. We love those little imperfections that gives our work character and life. We also know that not everyone has the time to spend hand making their work. So Dusty's Print Shop has made it easy for you with this simple to use Smart PSD for Photoshop.

Watch the video demo - http://vimeo.com/99640641

At Dusty's we use the 3 steps to awesomeness process.
1. Double click the green layer
2. Paste, save & close
3. Sit back and admire the awesomeness!

What can you do with Dusty's Print Shop:
• Create the look of your type and image being hand drawn
• Chop & change between a variety of subtle & heavy print textures
• Add awesome shadow effects, replicating the style of the sign painters (in solid, lines & dots)
• Variable edge strip to add definition to your image
• Add your own textures quickly and easily with just a few clicks

What you get:
• Dusty's PSD Landscape (3000x2000px)
• Dusty's PSD Portrait (2000x3000px)
• 25 Textures (3000x2000px - 10 made by SIVIOCO)
• PS Brushes
• Instructions
• Video Links

• TextureMaker Action - See video demo: http://vimeo.com/99642028
Turn any photo into a transparent texture file with just one click. Ready to be dropped into this or any other Photoshop document. Also includes Halftone version.

• Photoshop CS3 - CC
• CS3 - CS5 have a different way of changing the color. Full instructions included.