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I used to find it hard to produce individual pieces of art that contained lots of different lettering styles combined with quirky doodle elements.

So I took time to practice and produce a resource to enable others to this quickly and easily and, more importantly, to have fun while doing it.

This Procreate pack combines a mixture of brushes such as outline, 3D, flat, monoline, texture and pattern.

Giving you unique styles with little effort but a powerful impact. Some brushes will create a look as soon as you start drawing with them, whilst others I will guide you through the process with the included user manual.

Compatible with:

What's included in the pack?

• Pencil Sketch Brush to get your ideas down!
• Slipstream Monoline (Standard, Outline & 3D)
• Riptide Brush Script (Standard, Outline & 3D)
• Roughneck (Monoline, Taper & Detail)
• SloppyJoe (Monoline, Taper & Detail)
• Unique 3 (Rock + Roller, High Five & Broken Arrow)
• Pattern (Pinboard, Spray Can, Confetti, Milky Way)
• Liner (Flight Path, Rain Maker, Bread Crumbs, Super Star)
• Smudgy
• Wingman Paper Plane!



You need this brush set!

"I started out lettering and was quickly discouraged by how hard it was. Ian makes it look so easy. A few months went by and I saw this new brush pack so I jumped on YouTube and watched his tutorial and it was a stroke of genius. I decided to buy the pack and it was a game changer. The guide he provides is all you need to get started. I’ve only used Procreate a handful of times and was able to jump in and follow right along. "

Amanda Woodman on Aug 10, 2021


My Go-To Brush Set

After purchasing my first iPad Pro, I came straight to Ian's site to add some killer brushes to my creative arsenal. These brushes were easy to install and versatile. They're my go-to brushes for every design illustration. I instantly made my money back from getting designs approved using these brushes! I have and will continue to recommend any creative assets from Ian because they're just that good!

Brent Galloway on Jul 27, 2021


Best Brush Set

This is my first time purchasing a brush set but I can tell you this improved the easiness of lettering on Procreate by sooooooooo much! This set comes with a nice variety of brushes and paper textures.I am def going to purchase more!

Jordan Dayao on Mar 29, 2021

FREE Bonus Brushes!

• 10 x Paper Texture Brushes
• Doodle Pack of Eyes and Mouth Brushes
• Colour Palette

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