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Inkwell - Instant Ink Effects

INKWELL - Instant Ink effects in Photoshop for your lettering and Illustration work.

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Nothing beats the look of inking something by hand. The variation of coverage and the small inconsistencies that give it that individual look. The problem comes when you want to scan that work in and use it. Unless you have an expensive scanner, your work looses that tone and ends up being a bit flat.

Inkwell recreates the look of hand drawn Ink in Photoshop, so you can give life back to your lettering and illustration work. Inkwell uses Photoshop smart layers. Just double click on the layer, paste in your work, save, close and you're done.

This works great with calligraphy, hand lettering, illustration and even fonts. The download also features hand made India Ink brushes and washes (made by RuleByArt) to add even more depth to your work. Check out the video demo to see how easy it is to use.

/// Comments from Creative Market customers ///
"Today I decided to use an elegant handwritten script in the project, and that ink effect was exactly what was missing to make it truly realistic. Now I can finish the job to my own satisfaction and my client's amazement :) Awesome tool. Thanks Ian!" ~ Kris Kozak

"I love this!!! Just loaded my first file into Photoshop and it's absolutely incredible. I'm truly amazed :-) And very, very happy!" ~ Martina

What's included:
- Inkwell PSD (3000 x 2000px, Landscape version)
- Inkwell PSD (2000 x 3000px, Portrait version)
- 5 India Ink Washes (PNG & PS Brushes) by RuleByArt
- 5 India Ink Splatters (PNG & PS Brushes) by RuleByArt
- 6 Paper Textures (PNG)
- Instructions
- Video Links

- Basic knowledge of how to use Photoshop.
- CS3, CS4 & CS5 users will need to change the ink color a different way to CS6+ users. Instructions included.