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Chalk Dust - Procreate Lettering Kit

The Chalk Dust Procreate Lettering Kit features everything you need to create your own stunning chalkboard pieces without getting yourself covered in white dust. Ever since picking up the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil my favourite style of lettering has to be chalk, because of how creative you can be with the effect chalk gives you. This pack has been made using actual chalk textures to give the most realistic looking set of brushes that you'll find for Procreate. You also get a tips and tricks guide sheet to show you how to do things like shadows and shading and drawing elements like banners and floral elements. 

Included you get:

  • 7 x Lettering Chalks
  • 7 x Chalk Effect Brushes
  • 2 x Bonus Script Brushes by hand letterer Stefan Kunz
  • 6 x Blackboards (Procreate Documents)
  • Brush installation guide
  • Tips and Tricks sheets
  • 3 Example Alphabets 


Apple iPad with OS 10/11 Apple Pencil or similar stylus Procreate App version 3 & 4 (found on the Apple App store) Support: If you experience any problems not found within these instructions then please reach out to me via my contact form.



For a guide on how to download and install the brushes please check out the articles on the support page: https://ianbarnard.co/blogs/support

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